What is bubble tea?

Bubble tea is a flavoured tea based drink poured over “tapioca pearls” and served with ice. Invented in local tea houses in Taiwan during the 1980s, bubble teas are delicious, nutritious and fun. Our beverages are non-alcoholic, non-carbonated and have less sugar than a typical soft drink.

Bubble teas are known by many names such as boba tea, tapioca tea, boba nai cha, pearl tea, milk tea, bubble drink and tapioca pearl drink.
We offer a variety of bubble tea flavours ranging from popular classics like Mango or Strawberry, to more traditional Asian flavours like Matcha and Taro.

What are Tapioca Pearls or "Boba"?

Tapioca pearls or “boba” are small balls of tapioca which have a chewy, gummy bear texture that are added to drinks to enhance its flavour.

Tapioca pearl is a starch extracted from Cassava plant which makes the pearl gluten-free and almost protein-free. We cook our tapioca fresh every day and it takes close to an hour to prepare just one batch of tapioca.

How many calories are in a typical bubble tea drink?

In one of our regular 500ml bubble tea drinks there are about 160 calories. Choosing tapioca as a topping adds another 100 calories, whereas popping boba and jelly each add about 50 calories.

What are the health benefits of Matcha Tea?

Matcha tea improves memory and concentration, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, detoxifies the body, helps protect the liver, strengthens the immune system, boosts metabolism and burns calories. One serving of matcha tea has as many antioxidants as ten cups of regular green tea!

What are popping boba?

Popping Boba are made from a seaweed extract with real fruit juice inside. It comes in many fruity flavours and pops in your mouth when bitten. It can also be added to ice cream, frozen yoghurt and other fun desserts!

How is the jelly topping made?

The jellies we use for our toppings are made from real coconut meat and has a thicker, crunchier texture than regular jelly. They are soaked in a selection of sweet juices to give them their delicious flavours!

What is frozen yoghurt?

Frozen yoghurt is a healthier alternative to ice cream. It is lower in saturated fat and contains less calories whilst still tasting just as delicious!

Is bubble tea gluten and lactose free?

All our drinks are completely gluten free and can be customised to be lactose free by using soy or coconut milk on request.

Are your drinks suitable for vegans?

Not all our drinks are suitable for vegans but ask our friendly staff for advice and you can enjoy one of the many that are.

Is bubble tea suitable for children?

All ages can enjoy bubble tea but parents should exercise caution as young children can choke on the chewy tapioca pearls.